blog post: learning for fun

blog post: learning for fun

“Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.”  Thich Nhat Hanh

I recently spent some 1:1 time with one of the Zen Photography Safari attendees (Arron H.) helping him learn about the resources available for processing the images he had taken at one of our Safaris.

It was great to hear the enthusiasm in Arron’s approach to learning about photography, but it was even more wonderful to see him smile as we went through his images, hear how proud he was of the images he created and it was exciting to know that Arron has continued to experiment with what he learned since his first Safari.

Arron’s level of photographic experience could be defined as enthusiast / beginner, but it is obvious that his level of excitement and desire to continue to improve his skills will continue to fuel his success.

Arron did something for himself that was fun; something he’s been wanting to do for a long time that inspired him as he moved towards goals he has set for himself.

It was really enjoyable and satisfying to know that we have helped Arron become more proficient and have more control over his camera. 

Helping people grow into their photographic skills is exactly what we love to do.

Join us on a Zen Photography Safari and put a little more joy into your life.

Here’s a quote from Arron about his experience:

“Hi Joanne!  I cannot thank you enough for the awesome experience at Carrie Furnace. I learned so much during our outing, and the opportunity to shoot such an interesting canvas fueled my passion for photography even more. I really appreciate the insight and detailed instruction and seeing what my camera could do with different settings and lenses; I can hardly believe I took some of these photos.  I may not be ready to independently shoot on my own, but I am definitely taking better pictures than before, and I can’t wait until we can go out and shoot different places.  :-) ” ~ Arron H.

I can’t wait either Arron!  the photo above and the ones below are examples of Arron’s great use of depth of field and composition:

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