blog post: i see light

blog post: i see light

“Photography is the literature of light; the cinematographer (photographer) is a writer who utilizes light, shadow, tonality and color tempered with their experience, sensitivity, intelligence and emotion to imprint their own style and personality on a given work…” — Vittorio Storaro, Director of Photography

When you look at your world around you, what do you see?  More so, what kind of light do you observe?  Are you aware of the expansiveness, expressions and subtleties of light? …how it bends, shapes and colors your world around you…it’s nuances at different times throughout the day, or even at night…it’s reflections on water, off of substances and onto others, can be so interesting…  Observing the gift of light is, in itself, a remarkable gift! 

Practicing this observation of light will bring you present in your moments – to be in the light; literally, a part of it as it surrounds you.  Once you begin to look fully, in your present moments, seeing light, and your world around you can profoundly change you – it grounds you, brings you peace, yet it can leave you in awe and excite you all at once, as observing then becomes an excursion from your norm.

I would love for you to practice seeing light; watch it change, and then observe the feelings you have within you as you stay present in your observations of light.  Look deeply… What do you see?  ‘I see __________________ .’

Share the experience with us here. Then, delve a little deeper by practicing this exercise in seeing at one of our Zen Photography Retreats, where we will fully immerse you in a whole new way of seeing…a whole new light.

Namaste, Team Zen | Joanne Bartone

Canon EOS 5D  |  Canon 16-35mm L f/2.8 IS @ 16mm  |  ISO: 400  |  f/5.6  | 1/160  |  Venice FL  | Image refined cropped and enhanced for color + tonality in PS5

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